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About us

Looking to see if you're ready for Industry X.0?

DIX.0 guides companies in the digitalization of various services such as logistics, production, organizational strategy and smart products. Digital transformation represents an essential and inevitable evolution of our economy, playing a crucial role within companies in response to customer demands.

We are present at every stage, from assessment to implementation of digitalization within your company

Our expertise

The keys to a successful digital transformation.

  • Our expertise is based on digitalization to optimize our customers' value chain. We specialize in collecting, analyzing and processing data in real time, using solutions that integrate artificial intelligence. Our commitment also extends to decision automation, where innovative decision-support tools are shaped by a data-driven orientation.

  • A distinctive facet of our know-how lies in characterizing new business models. We deploy our expertise to support companies in their economic evolution, using data as a catalyst. The characterization of these business models is based on in-depth analysis, enabling us to identify and understand emerging trends. With DIX.0, expertise takes shape through the effective use of data to stimulate our customers' growth and economic sustainability.

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